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Shoptech E2 Shop System Review

Product Snapshot


The Shoptech E2 Shop System is delivered as an on-premise, Windows-based solution that is easy to install and implement.

Customer Focus

Shoptech works with job shops, machine shops and make-to-order manufacturers.

Customer Success Stories

Guthrie Machine Works Inc., Hall Machine, Beverlin Manufacturing Corporation, Kehr-Buffalo Wire Frame

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About ShopTech E2 Shop System

Shoptech E2 Shop SystemThe Shoptech E2 Shop System is a top manufacturing solution that delivers optimal control and increased efficiency with its extensive and easy-to-use modules. A fully integrated solution, the E2 Shop System improves shop management with comprehensive features and an intuitive interface that is user-friendly. Information and processes are managed in a single system, giving businesses access to the critical data they need to effectively run their operations. With the E2 Shop System, companies can gain total control over their shops.

About Shoptech
The Shoptech Corporation specializes in providing easy-to-use solutions for job shops and manufacturers. Their premier solution, the E2 Shop System, is recognized as an industry-leading shop management solution. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Shoptech understands the needs of shop owners and is committed to helping their customers improve their shop operations.

Shoptech E2 Shop System Key Features

  • Quickly generate accurate quotes
  • Get detailed estimates for labor, overhead, material, and outside services
  • Send quotes by fax or email
  • Attach jpegs, drawings, bitmaps and other files to a job packet
  • Compare quotes and quote histories


  • Avoid double entry by turning quotes into orders automatically
  • Add bills of material and routers into a job order
  • Post material or finished parts directly from inventory
  • Send notifications for any materials shortages
  • Create multiple releases for time-and-material jobs and blanket customer orders
  • Allow for changes in due dates and quantities
  • Conduct backward/forward or infinite/finite scheduling
  • Get the entire job packet in a single click of a button


  • Create packing slips, bills of lading, and shipping labels automatically
  • Get pre-loaded freight charges for all major carriers
  • Use the internet to track shipments
  • Manage multiple customer shipping addresses
  • Automatically create back orders
  • Allow partial shipments


  • Effectively manage materials to improve profits
  • Get the best price and delivery by sending out RFQs
  • Align purchase needs with orders
  • Track vendor scrap performance and on-time delivery
  • Create complete LIFO, FIFO, average, and standard costing inventory


  • Use whiteboard scheduling to avoid machine bottlenecks
  • Understand operations by viewing the shop based on machine, employee, month, week, day, or hour
  • Improve due date delivery by creating “what if” scenarios
  • Conduct finite or infinite scheduling based on machine or on the entire shop
  • Assign high-priority “hot jobs”
  • Create precise delivery dates


  • Collect, control, and analyze quality data
  • Implement lean manufacturing practices
  • Identify quality problems early in production to reduce costs
  • Create a consistent workflow throughout the production process
  • Identify and resolve problems before they affect quality or delivery dates
  • Reduce rework, returns, and complaints
  • Schedule and track preventive maintenance

Contact Management

  • Track complete customer information
  • Create user-defined fields or use over 50 pre-defined fields
  • Track conversations, follow-ups, and other activity using unlimited time-stamped notes
  • Generate standard or customized reports
  • View and print calendars, schedules, and activity details
  • Create reminders for events, meetings, and other commitments


  • Create custom financial reports
  • Use over 200 standard reports that include general ledger, payroll, budget analysis, cash flow analysis, accounts receivable/payables, and more
  • Integrate with Quickbooks


  • Get vital shop management information in a single click
  • Quickly retrieve data about customer orders, bottlenecks, purchasing, performance, on-time deliveries, accounting, and more

Mobile Dashboard

  • Integrate with tablet PCs and iPads
  • View critical business information 24/7
  • Access data on profitability, performance, sales, quoting, shipping, labor, quality, and more

  • Because the E2 Shop System is 100% Windows-based, the solution is fast, powerful, and flexible.
  • The system supports a wide variety of ERP functions, giving companies better control of all aspects of their shop environment.
  • The E2 Shop System has a strong reputation as an easy-to-use software solution for machine shops, job shops and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers.
  • The mobile function, E2 Mobile, is the only app available on the market that is geared specifically towards ERP shop management needs.
  • It can be somewhat difficult to retrieve specific reports in the system.
  • Smaller companies without much IT expertise may hit road blocks while using the inventory functions, though a little training will help in using the system to its fullest.

The E2 Shop System improves operations by bringing together all shop processes into a single system. Companies that have implemented the E2 Shop System typically see results such as increased efficiencies and higher profits. The E2 Shop System can help organizations improve their businesses with a simple system that organizes and optimizes the vital processes of shop management.

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What Others Say about E2 Shop System

  • Shannon, Progressive Solutions

    When we purchased E2
    Shoptech 3 years ago I was not involved in the purchase and there was not
    proper research done to make sure this system was the best for our company. We
    are a small order manufacturer and distributor of doors & windows. There
    was a high starting cost to purchase the software and we had to invest in an
    on-site server to host the program. During implementation there was not proper
    training & support available and our business inefficiencies dropped to the
    point of nearly breaking the company. E2 does offer phone support during
    business hours if you pay the yearly maintenance fee but there is limited other
    help information, so some parts of the system we were never able to implement
    (i.e. the time tracking for each project & scheduling for each
    workstation). There is not a built-in configurator, so we had to create part
    numbers and build a bill of materials & routing for each of our assemblies.
    Some of our employees work off-site and cannot access the system or time &
    attendance as it is server based, resulting in them having to take their time
    separately. We used QuickBooks for our accounting as the E2 accounting module
    was not as robust and we also had to purchase a separate CRM (Landslide) for
    tracking our sales & marketing activities. We have now chosen to switch to
    the cloud software NetSuite allowing us to combine all 3 of our previous
    systems and have much more functionality & reporting access.

  • Amber Taylor

    How is the system working for you now? I’m working on implementing the system into our shop, we are a small Fiberglass corp. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You!!