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SYSPRO 7 Review

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SYSPRO is available as both an on-premise and SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

SYSPRO works with small and midsized manufacturers and distributors, along with specific divisions of multinational organizations.

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About SYSPRO 7

SYSPRO 7SYSPRO 7 is an integrated and comprehensive ERP solution that comes with a broad range of modules to give businesses control over all their business processes. Built on scalable and secure architecture, SYSPRO 7 includes powerful business process and management tools, along with enhanced customization capabilities and a simple, intuitive user interface. SYSPRO 7 is designed to help businesses address and meet their current and future business challenges. With the SYSPRO Espresso solution, you can extend functionality to mobile devices.

As one of the first software vendors to design enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, SYSPRO is a leading provider of world class, integrated business software applications. SYSPRO serves over 14,500 customers around the world in industries ranging from manufacturing and distribution to financial services. With over 30 years of experience and awards from prestigious industry groups, SYSPRO has a proven track record of providing solutions that deliver complete business planning and management control.

SYSPRO 7 Key Features

Fluid User Interface

  • Improve user experience, management and coordination at all organizational levels
  • Use pre-configured templates for dashboards, KPIs and reports, and roles and responsibilities
  • View relevant information within any SYSPRO application

Centralized Administration

  • Configure security options
  • Enable customizations at the role level
  • Manage all user interface changes

Enterprise Performance Management

  • Create and modify executive dashboards and views
  • Access sophisticated list views and interactive charts

Business Process Management

  • Design and visually present workflow processes with a powerful workflow engine
  • Model process requirements with pre-configured and modeled process patterns
  • Align IT with company objectives and strategy
  • Gain a transparent view of organizational roles and modeled processes

Personalization and Power-Tailoring

  • Tailor the highly configurable user interface to user needs
  • Customize the behavior of any SYSPRO application
  • Present information in the most suitable format

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

  • Leverage role-based security, workflow and tailoring options
  • Make use of Electronic Signatures
  • Manage company assets and depreciation reporting

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Improve cash flow forecasting
  • Leverage the extended Asset Register
  • Use actual costing to for greater insight into financial transactions

Customer Relationship Management

  • Use customer sales rules
  • Leverage extended contact management functionality

Supply Chain Management

  • Use value-based trade promotions
  • Leverage an expanded requisitioning system
  • Improve inventory management with stock reservations
  • Enable enhanced warehouse management
  • Improve supply chain processes with inventory optimization

Production Management

  • Use the manufacturing unit of measure
  • Improve processes with the extended Factory Scheduler

Simplified IT Management

  • Manage customizations
  • Monitor workflow
  • Automate applications
  • Implement role-based security

SYSPRO 6.1 Screenshots

  • SYSPRO is one of the better systems available on the market for mixed mode manufacturers thanks to the solution’s comprehensive features that address the needs of make-to-order, make-to-stock, and job shop manufacturers.
  • SYSPRO delivers exceptional customer support, enjoying one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.
  • Workflows can be easily created within the SYSPRO system, which includes capabilities such as producing orders directly from engineering drawings.
  • Navigation can require multiple clicks through different screens to find the information needed.
  • The interface can seem cluttered with too many screen options.

SYSPRO is tightly focused on the needs of small to midsized manufacturers. As a single, integrated solution, SYSPRO’s extensive feature set controls all aspects of the manufacturing and distribution process. Since SYSPRO is sold by module, the system is scalable to fit the changing requirements of any manufacturing business. Consistently recognized for its technical and functional depth, SYSPRO is a robust solution that can deliver the control businesses need to improve the planning and management procedures within their organization.


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