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CompanyHub CRM

CompanyHub is a cloud-based CRM software with Sales Bots that offers real-time, at-a-glance access to lead contact information, emails, conversations, tasks, and more. CompanyHub is designed to work with a variety of industries, offering a fully customizable platform without need for coding.
With Company Hub, users can organize and prioritize leads and set followup reminders to maintain customer relations. With automated email capabilities, users can save time on weekly communications. Reporting and analytics offer team members complete visibility of company-wide sales. CompanyHub integrates with Google Apps, including email syncing capabilities and a Chrome plugin. Users can track emails and schedules through the platform, and sync devices across the cloud.
Email sync automatically updates conversation between leads and team members, and all conversations can be accessed from one, centralized platform. CompanyHub offers email tracking that reports opened emails, customer receipts, and links clicked. CompanyHub allows users to create custom tables to store data on projects, payments, schools, properties, courses, and more. Custom features allows users to filter records by any criteria, change columns, and do reporting on any table or field.

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