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CobbleStone Systems Contract Management Software Review

Product Snapshot


CobbleStone Systems Contract Management Software is available both on-premise and as a SaaS solution.

Customer Focus

CobbleStone Systems provides contract management solutions to legal, procurement, compliance, contract administration and sales professionals in numerous markets including manufacturing, warehousing, energy, health care, financial services, biopharmaceutical, tech, federal, local and state government, gaming, hotel/hospitality, education, publishing and many more.

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About CobbleStone Systems Contract Management Software

CobbleStone Systems Contract Management SoftwareContract Insight Enterprise, by CobbleStone Systems, is an “End-to-End” enterprise level, user-friendly, web-based contract management software solution which provides enterprise contract tracking, contract drafting, unlimited custom user-defined fields, custom report design and generation tools, email alerts, calendar reminders, task schedules and checklists, security, document capture and management, check in tracking, workflow, financials, cost control, searching, performance tracking, esignature, online negotiation, web platform, web calendaring and much more. It is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies so it can be deployed faster, supported easier, reduce your total cost of ownership and accelerate your return on investment. Contract Insight Enterprise can be hosted by CobbleStone (SaaS) or deployed at your organization’s site (on-premise). CobbleStone offers Named or Concurrent User licenses.

About CobbleStone Systems
CobbleStone Systems Corp. is a leader in providing enterprise contract management software solutions since 1995 and has years of client feedback and industry knowledge. CobbleStone products are used by some of the world’s largest organization and since we understand the business challenges are similar regardless of organizational size, we service the needs of smaller organizations just as well. CobbleStone has over 500 clients and thousands of users. CobbleStone is a United States Federal Contractor on the GSA Schedule; contract number: W9124D08P1081/GS-35f-0186w and is rated by Dun & Bradstreet.

CobbleStone Systems Contract Management Software Key Features

  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Contract tracking
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • Central contract repository
  • User-friendly contract searching & reporting
  • Flexible workflow
  • eSignature
  • Online negotiation
  • MS Word Contract Creation
  • Contract Compliance Management

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