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Best WMS For SKU Entry And Inventory Tracking


I just started a company that makes a clothing accessory which just received approval for NHL and NBA licensing. We all work from a warehouse/office space we just leased and our first order is on the way. NOBODY here, even the bookkeeper, has any clue what type of “software” or “cloud” (don’t know the difference) system we need to enter the SKUs once the product gets to the warehouse, then track that product when sold, track inventory, etc.

We are lost, it seems like they all do one thing but not the other.

asked by Tony T.  –  August 24, 2012

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2 Answers


 Check this case study, it might help :

answered by Robert N.  –  September 27, 2012

Hi Tony -

Still looking for Inventory Control / Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) software? Snapfulfil is a cloud/SaaS based solution that may work for your operations. Let me know where I can help...


answered by Kirk Anderson  –  August 29, 2013

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