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What are the top ten most important aspects of CRM?


If you were instructing a marketing VP on what they need to know about CRM, what would the top ten issues?

asked by Nance R.  –  June 12, 2013

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2 Answers


By top ten issues, I assume you mean what are the top ten features you would want your CRM software to have. For me the top ten most important features would (in no particular order) be:

1. Cloud: I would want the software to be web-based, meaning i can access it at anytime and anywhere.
2. Mobile. I believe that having a mobile presence is the next step for many business software (crm, erp, hr, etc).
3. Sales Force Automation: Your provider should be able to help you manage your leads and customer accounts.
4. Marketing: Plan and execute campaigns, provide campaign analytics, and email marketing.
5. Email services/integration: Ability to integrate with gmail and ms office.
6. Social CRM: Ability to cross reference contacts with social media.
7. Sales Tracking: keeping track of opportunities with tools for long-term assessment.
8. Business Analytics: Provide business insight, identify trends, measure performance.
9. Customer Service/Support: Track customer responses and respond to problems quickly.
10. Workflow Management: Improve work efficiency and automate manual processes to save time.

answered by Chris Chang  –  June 17, 2013

In the current age of social media: its all about experience, engagement, gamification, visual process diagrams, customization, simplicity yet powerful solution, next-gen web-based, super secure, sleek solution that can exceed your company expectations. One such possibility is bpm'online CRM.

answered by Suman P.  –  April 3, 2014

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