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Social CRM

Get Satisfaction CRM Provider Receives Immense Funding from InterWest Partners

Get Satisfaction, a social CRM provider, declared InterWest Partners as their latest source of investment funding of a Series B $10-million. The social media route was an innovative move in 2008, but is now heavily emphasized by prospering businesses.

Social CRM Provider Helpstream Goes Mainstream And Adds Marketing Automation

In the spirit of CRM systems acting as unified platforms for sales, marketing, customer service and now social media, Helpstream […]

Oracle and Siebel Get Analytical Social CRM

Last week, InsideView announced enhancements to its integration of SalesView with both Oracle CRM and Siebel CRM applications. InsideView is a proponent of social media and self-proclaimed leaders of the “Sales 2.0” push, and these latest updates to the SalesView product are a move in support of Oracle’s social CRM initiative.