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On Premise CRM White Papers and Demos

The Sales Leader’s CRM Point of View: Connecting the Dots in Your Customer-Facing Process
White Paper provided by Aptean

Learn what best practices you need to implement a CRM process for your team.

How NOT to Screw up Your CRM Initiative: Highlights from Real CRM Implementations
White Paper provided by Aptean

Learn about the critical CRM deployment missteps that can cost your business dearly.

CRM Feature Showdown: Comparing 5 Leading CRM Software
White Paper provided by Unknown

Comparing CRM software features can help narrow the choices in the software selection process, enabling organizations to find the solution with the capabilities that answer their requirements. Compare the features of top CRM software products from leading vendors and discover what these solutions have to offer.

5 CRM Best Practices to Increase Sales
White Paper provided by Unknown

As CRM programs have increased in popularity and effectiveness, some best practices have emerged that can make an impact on your sales numbers.

5 Things Growing Businesses Need to Look for in CRM Software
White Paper provided by Unknown

For the growing business, there are five key attributes to demand in CRM software, including scalability and flexibility, an intuitive user experience, dashboard reporting, the potential in hosted solutions, and an understanding of the business requirements.

6 Criteria for Picking a CRM System for Your Business Needs
White Paper provided by Unknown

Which CRM system is right for an organization can depend on several factors, and it isn’t a decision organizations can afford to take lightly. CRM is the path to customer loyalty, new business, and increased revenues over the short and long-term, affecting every area of an organization’s success.

eCitizen Whitepaper
White Paper provided by C2CRM

The C2 eCitizen solution helps Government agencies "do more with less" in an ever increasing environment where citizens are demanding better service and more accurate information for their tax dollars.

How to Avoid Delivering Bad Customer Service
White Paper provided by Unknown

Delivering high quality customer service plays a pivotal role in your company’s front-office activities. Get our FREE Customer Service guide and learn how you can deliver better service to your customers.

How to NOT Follow up and Destroy Your Business
White Paper provided by Infusionsoft

Until recently there has been no solution to help manage the complex tasks involved with multi-step, multi-media follow up. People have been forced to come up with "creative" ways to get the follow up done... and believe me, I've seen some amazing creativity.

Local Governments Strengthen Service, Achieve New Operating Efficiencies with CRM
White Paper provided by Unknown

Emulating the model of the private sector, local governments are stretching to improve the quality and convenience of services provided to their citizenry and other constituents. The standard for service has been changing rapidly, with a dramatic raise of the bar of expectations for the availability and responsiveness of service resources. Customers in the for-profit world have come to expect seamless and convenient self-service options as well as integrated and accurate information from their service providers.