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Miniature Precision Components, Inc. Shifts into Real Time with IQMS

With MPC’s old system, the company’s manufacturing and distribution facilities functioned autonomously in a reactive manner using dated information. With RealTime from IQMS in place, MPC’s management team can see progress as it happens, and in turn catch potential trouble before it becomes a costly issue. According to Schneberger, the benefit and efficiencies gained in having real-time data access doesn’t just apply to MPC’s top management.

An Extensive ERP Search Delivers Load Trail a Company Built for the Long Haul: IQMS

Abram Harms interviewed an impressive 10 ERP companies in his search for the best. Of the 10, he narrowed it down to just three: Infor, IQMS and Shoptech. From the final three, Harms chose IQMS’ single database solution, EnterpriseIQ, because IQMS instilled extreme confidence that it would work hard to solve Load Trail’s challenges. Through the dynamic nature of the company and IQMS’ willingness to adapt the ERP product to fit specific automotive requirements, Harms knew that he was in good hands.

Double H Plastics, Inc. and IQMS: Automating to the Top

What do you get when you combine an innovative manufacturer with a progressive ERP
software automation team willing to push the boundaries of shop floor control? Competitive
advantage, increased efficiency and a match made for the future. Together, Double H
Plastics and IQMS are improving the landscape of automation in manufacturing for future

Short-Run Manufacturer Builds Long-term Success with EnterpriseIQ

With EnterpriseIQ in place, Donnelly has seen improvements in every aspect of its business. RealTime Machine Monitoring
allows shop floor supervisors to access production data as it occurs from any computer in the plant, whereas they used to spend time walking the shop floor to check presses. Donnelly has also eliminated excess data entry and saved numerous hours of overtime because team leaders and supervisors no longer have to work long beyond their shifts to input data, something that consumed many hours of overtime each day.

Plex Online Customer Success Story: ARCA

ARCA is one of the largest manufacturers and systems integrators of cash-handling devices in the world. The company develops software applications and supplies components and diagnostics for cash dispensers, cash recycling machines and coin dispensers. See how Plex Online not only doubled their production and market share, but also increased ARCA’s efficiency by 20 percent.

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Plex Case Study Eagle Picher Technologies

EaglePicher Technologies is an industry leader in integrated power solutions

The ERP Selection Process Survival Guide

This guide provides an overview of the steps for conducting an effective and successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution evaluation. The process can be challenging because of the level of detail that must be addressed, ensuring that key steps are not overlooked.

Compiere Enterprise Edition

Compiere delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionality on a global-ready platform. Manage any number of organizations, warehouses, languages, currencies, and accounting rules. Utilize role-based Management Dashboards with drilldown capability to effectively monitor and analyze your operations. Pre-built charts and graphs are provided and are easily expanded to meet your specific needs. And, Compiere Enterprise is built to scale -supporting multiple servers, large transaction volumes, hundreds of users and business complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes.

Lean for ETO Manufacturers: Project-Based Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing fundamentals were founded on the Toyota Production System, or Just In Time Manufacturing, which embraces the concepts of minimal inventories and continuous improvement through the identification and elimination of waste.