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Replacing Emptoris as your Contract Management System?

When evaluating a new contract management system, many businesses are concerned about implementation. Icertis has a well-earned reputation for rapid deployment.

Evaluating a Contract Management System

Today’s global enterprises compete in a marketplace fraught with economic uncertainty and stringent regulations. Producing products and services, and moving them to market, depends upon an intricate network of business relationships that includes suppliers, customers, and employees.

The New GDPR will Demand More from Contract Management Systems. Will You Be Ready?

To ensure compliance, companies must include necessary privacy terms and clauses as defined by the GDPR regulation into their customer or partner agreements. They will also need to manage a new set of obligations related to how data is stored, managed, shared and transferred, especially when such activities are conducted with partners or third parties.

Selling Enterprise Contract Management Internally

Understand the priorities for every business function — and how the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform meets those challenges. Whether it’s the CFO, the chief legal officer, or someone from procurement, sales or IT; every stakeholder has a unique set of requirements.

Best Practices in Enterprise Contract Management

Real-world examples of how leading companies were able to minimize risk, reduce costs and realize the full potential of their contractual relationships. The companies featured here come from a wide variety of industries, yet they share many of the same challenges.

Making Contracting Secure with Icertis Contract Management

This white paper provides a high level view of the various ways contracting on the cloud is made secure by Icertis Contract Management, opening up powerful and cost-effective deployment options to enterprise users.

Managing Commissions and Discounts in Icertis Contract Management

This white paper discussed one approach that can be used in an implementation of Icertis Contract Management, that of using Icertis Business Rules Management to express the rules within the contract.

Managing Risk with Icertis Contract Management

Management of risk means different things to different people. Risk modeling is very mature in some areas, but in most organizations, a global view of risk is amorphous. Risk bubbles up in an organization from different areas.

Microsoft Sees RoI With Icertis Solution

Best practices in simplifying contract management throughout the contract lifecycle