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Infor 10x: Guide to the New Enterprise Release

Some of the most important advancements in infor 10x are with our technology stack, which unites purpose-built middleware with social, mobile, analytics, and cloud solutions. we have launched infor Ming.le™, an enterprise collaboration solution with the power to fundamentally change the way business teams work, both internally and with external stakeholders. infor 10x also features exciting advancements in infor ion, our integration and business process optimization framework, which has the ability to revolutionize the way technology powers your business.

Sultan Qaboos University Automates Asset Management with Infor EAM

Despite the presence of cutting-edge technology elsewhere on campus, a manual system of spreadsheets hampered the university’s Technical Affairs Department (TAD) in its mission to track data related to a variety of assets and their use. Specifically, this time-consuming manual process presented efficiency-related challenges throughout the system. It became obvious that the university needed a new system to manage its assets and make its technical operations more effective. This observation led to a search for such a system, which brought them to Infor EAM.

CERN Maintains More Than One Million Pieces of Equipment with Infor EAM Enterprise Edition

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, was established in 1954 and is one of the largest and most prestigious scientific laboratories in the world. CERN’s project to better manage its equipment goes back to 1995; it really took of in 1997 when, as a first step, the various datasets being used were harmonised and migrated to the R5 solution from SQL Systems. That solution, now called Infor™ EAM, was used to share data and to set up the procedures that are now in use. The Civil Engineering and Cryogenics groups were then appointed to be the pilot divisions for project deployment. For CERN, monitoring the accelerators is one of the most critical areas for anticipating and preventing faults.

Bentley Exceeds Energy Reduction Goals with Infor EAM

Several years ago, Bentley University’s facilities management department sought a solution to automate its business processes to better control operating costs yet maintain a first-class campus. The school wanted to deploy an asset management system to help automate all facilities management processes, including work order management and the cumbersome annual dorm inspections. Dorm room inspections involved a time-consuming process of logging invalid inspections, keying that data into a system, and issuing paper work orders. Bentley turned to Infor™ EAM for a web-based asset management system, drastically reducing the manual overhead and time required to process work orders.

City of Des Moines Gains Big Savings with Infor EAM Asset Sustainability

The City of Des Moines, Iowa, is the contracting operator for the region’s wastewater reclamation authority (WRA), operating a treatment facility processing wastewater from several counties, municipalities, and sewer districts. The Des Moines WRA sought to streamline its processes to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Brewster Dairy Integrates Systems and Boosts Productivity with Infor ION

Brewster Dairy is the largest manufacturer of all natural Swiss cheese in the United States. The company has experienced steady growth in the Swiss cheese market since the dairy was purchased by John Leeman in 1965. Over the years, Brewster (which is now owned and operated by John’s son Fritz) has expanded its production and warehousing facilities in Brewster, Ohio and added a production facility in Stockton, Illinois and another in Rupert, Idaho. The company sought to deal with multiple challenges using Infor EAM: connect systems to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, enable inventory to be expensed as it is received, and update older systems to take advantage of new functionality.

Infor EAM Enterprise

Underperforming assets can have many far-reaching—and negative—impacts on the overall health of a company. Asset downtime can disrupt production and lead to lower customer satisfaction. Inadequate preventive maintenance can increase the cost of keeping assets and equipment running at peak efficiency and force companies to make investments in new equipment that could have been avoided. Inadequate asset management can expose companies to violations of safety regulations and compliance requirements.

Infor EAM Healthcare Edition

Hospitals and healthcare facilities like yours face increasing pressures to grow operating margins and comply with regulatory standards, even as you strive to meet your primary mission—providing high quality patient care. As the healthcare industry focuses on achieving top-line growth, it faces a major challenge in managing medical equipment, which includes tracking and managing mobile assets, complying with ever-changing regulatory standards, guarding against equipment failures, and managing clinical equipment inventory. All this is complicated by the increasingly important role of energy usage, and the need to ensure higher asset performance at a lower energy cost.

Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade from MP2 to Infor10 EAM

For many years, your company has relied on Infor™ EAM MP2 to manage your assets, inventory, and maintenance processes. But your business has changed. Energy and other costs have climbed dramatically, and competition is fierce. You need to streamline your processes; get actionable visibility into performance issues in real time; and easily adapt to changes in your business. You need to get more value from your assets. With an upgrade to Infor10 EAM, you can. And there are many reasons why you should.