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Plex Online Customer Success Story: ARCA

ARCA is one of the largest manufacturers and systems integrators of cash-handling devices in the world. The company develops software applications and supplies components and diagnostics for cash dispensers, cash recycling machines and coin dispensers. See how Plex Online not only doubled their production and market share, but also increased ARCA’s efficiency by 20 percent.

Ask our customers – What are some benefits of your Plex Online implementation?

Plex Case Study Eagle Picher Technologies

EaglePicher Technologies is an industry leader in integrated power solutions

Ask our Customer: What results have you seen with Plex Online?

Find out how Plex Systems brought manufacturing optimization and efficiency to prominent auto parts supplier Ralco Industries through the Plex Online ERP package.

Plex Online Customer Case Study: Cuisine Solutions

Learn how Plex Online helped Cuisine Solutions improve traceability and efficiency while saving costs when processing over 400 different food products with Cloud ERP for Food Processors.

Plex Online Customer Case Study: EaglePicher Technologies, LLC

Successful manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to more efficiently and effectively track their supplier inventory. EaglePicher Technologies (EPT) is one such company.

Plex Online Multi-Plant Features

Manufacturers require a sophisticated network to track inventory, production, and scheduling across an enterprise that includes multiple locations in different time zones and, at times, continents.

Plex Online Customer Case Study: Inteva Products

After an intensive global search, Inteva selected Plex Online as its new ERP solution. The company replaced all of its systems with this one, integrated solution that today provides access to consistent, accurate, real-time business information, “from the shop floor to the top floor,” for all employees around the globe.

ERP Implementation Best Practices: Manufacturers and the SaaS Delivery Model

In one of the most difficult economic environments in decades, manufacturers around the world are reevaluating their ERP systems. Medical device manufacturers, food and beverage processors, aerospace and automotive suppliers, and others are looking to implement ERP systems that cut costs, streamline operations, and improve performance.

ERP Traceability Functions: Going Beyond the Hype

Today’s manufacturers are looking for ERP solutions that improve operations, cutcosts, and help improve product quality. These enterprises want to move “beyond the hype” and away from the empty promises of many ERP vendors in the marketplace.