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Do You Fit the Profile That Wins More Sales?

Learn about the different types of sales personalities and why “challengers” are more successful in this whitepaper from Salesforce.

7 Tips to Accelerate Sales Performance

Take advantage of this e-book, created from the experience of the best front-line managers.

A Quick Peek at the Salesforce App

The way to grow your business is to get to know your customers personally. The way to get to know your customers is with Salesforce. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how the Salesforce app really works — and how it can help your business get results.

Your Complete CRM Handbook

With CRM, you’ll gain key business insights that help you close more deals, boost sales and improve forecasting accuracy. But is now the right time for you?

Small Business, Big Impact

A CRM solution like Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management) can help your small business punch well above your weight. This e-book covers how Salesforce will help your SMB sales operations.

How a CRM Solution Helps Small Businesses

Pack the power of big business, and still keep that small-business agility. CRM is the tool you need that levels the playing field.

Grow Your Small Business with Salesforce

Are you ready for the exploding customer demand that comes with growth? Successful small businesses use Salesforce to make the most of all their assets, including their people, customers, and technologies.

Best Practices to Grow Your Business

Many things can trigger business growth: increased sales, more customers, a bigger staff or a larger inventory. This e-book shows you how to spark growth, and get ready to handle it. Download this e-book now and learn how to put the right systems in place to support your business growth.

Social Sales ebook: A Prerequisite to #winning

To determine which type of sales rep is mostly likely to succeed in the current economy, Corporate Executive Board asked over 450 first line sales managers to assess three of their direct reports (two core performers and one high performer) across 44 different attributes covering areas such as attitudes, skills, behaviors, activities, and knowledge.

7 Practical Sales Tips

These days, nobody goes it alone. We all need a helping hand, a few words of encouragement, or a new technique to help us close a tough deal. That’s where this ebook can help.