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Drive Efficiency with Workbooks GatorMail

Your email marketing and CRM systems are much like your sales and marketing teams – each has a defined role in a shared objective for your business. They may touch the same group of people in different ways and at different times, and are most effective when they work together. Workbooks combines CRM and email marketing in one solution. Part of the Workbooks suite, Workbooks GatorMail is an advanced email marketing tool enabling you to easily and efficiently send targeted marketing messages via email to any mailing list. How complex, dynamic or automated you want the message to be is defined by you!

Generate New Business with Web Insights

Your business is always on the lookout for more leads to drive business growth. And like most organisations today, your website is probably a core element of your marketing strategy. But we all know that only a small percentage of your website visitors will actually make contact with you – many just look around and then leave.

Workbooks Packaged Services Datasheet

Workbooks offers a variety of packaged services including Adobe Sign Integration, Xero Integration with Zapier, Reporting Workshop, Workbooks Helping Hands, Advisory Packs, and Customer Success Plus.

Drive Business Success with Workbooks CRM

Great customer relationships are the bedrock of a thriving business and the key to success. Workbooks provide an affordable, feature-rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that enables mid-sized organisations to efficiently acquire, convert and retain customers.


Amstore is a leading Digital Media production company, servicing the corporate and entertainment markets. Amstore has evolved from a commodity manufacturer to a creative production agency with clients, re-sellers and suppliers around the world. Amstore is also a versatile company with the ability to add new products to its product range which empowers them to continue to grow in their market sector.

Arlington Automotive

As one of the fastest-growing global supply chain consolidators in the aerospace and automotive sectors, Arlington Automotive operates in the UK, Europe, USA, China and India.


Since 1984 Aspin has been helping its clients make the most of their sales opportunities. It does this by developing, implementing and supporting sales order processing apps for distributors. Most notably, its PixSell iPad app allows sales reps to take field-based orders, and its InterSell B2B eCommerce websites lets retailers place orders 24/7.

ATG Media

ATG Media is the UK’s leading provider of specialist information and services to the fine art and antiques industry. ATG launched in 1971 as a niche publisher for the antiques sector, but in recent years has shifted its focus to become a global pioneer of live and timed online auctions.

Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA)

Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) is a charity that provides a holistic service supporting Chartered Accountants in need of financial support, counseling, advice or information, as well as providing stress management and wellbeing training.

Capital Access Group

Founded in 1999, Capital Access Group (previously known as Broker Profile) has established itself as the leading Investor Relations Consultancy focusing primarily on Private Client Fund Managers and Stockbrokers in the UK.