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SutiSoft SutiSign

SutiSign is electronic signature software for signing business documents digitally in seconds, as well as create, send, approve and file documents online. The platform allows users to streamline signing workflows, sign documents in a secure manner and work with advanced analytics and reporting.

SutiSoft SutiSurvey

SutiSurvey is survey tools software that conducts online services for reaching and connect with audiences. The platform allows users to gather feedback, represent data graphically and customize and integrate the platform with multiple applications such as Salesforce and Google.

SutiSoft SutiAP

SutiAP is financial management software that captures multi-ERP invoice data. The platform allows users to automatically validate payments, send email notifications, and provide role-based user access.

SutiSoft Spend Management

SutiSoft Spend Management is financial management software that has integrated auditing capabilities. The platform allows users to attach company documentation, follow out-of-spend policy compliance and gain insights into spending patterns.

SutiSoft SutiProcure

SutiProcure is eprocurement software that automates online purchasing activities and is equipped with a user-friendly web shopping interface. The platform provides businesses with RFQ support and contract management tools, assists users with reverse auction activities and provides inventory management and payment processing tools.

SutiSoft SutiWEM-S

SutiWEM-S is financial management software designed to upload invoice and usage data from various carriers. The platform allows users to organize company- and user-specific workflows and hierarchies, set automated notifications and reminders, and automate expense reporting.

SutiSoft SutiHR

SutiHR is human resources software that handles multiple key HR tasks including recruitment, training, development, payroll, benefits administration and performance management. The platform comes with integrated solutions for data analytics, document management and can integrate with legacy systems or third-party applications.

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