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Human Resources Software Buyer’s Guide

This exclusive Human Resources Software Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the best HR software for your business.

When to Get Out of Spreadsheets and into HR Software

In this whitepaper we discuss when and why it makes sense to start using dedicated HR software like BambooHR to replace outdated spreadsheets.

Overworking Your Employees Doesn’t Help Anyone!

Are your employees overworked? Check out this infographic from BambooHR to see how overworking can negatively affect your company and its employees.

HR Technology Tools: What You May Be Missing

A recent survey by Saratoga discovered that employee compensation, including benefits, accounts for 35% of operating expenses in a typical organization.1 With so many company resources dedicated to maintaining the workforce, it is necessary to identify ways to improve results, increase efficiency, and lower costs. Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) help you find such opportunities and capitalize on them.

Staff Files® is Easy, Affordable, and Practical PC-Based HR Software

Staff Files is flexible HR software that stores important employee information quickly and easily. Learn more at

HR Software Stores Human Resource Information in One Place for Alaska Non-Profit

Access Alaska benefits from using Staff Files Pro HR technology because it keeps all their human resources information together and in one location. Learn more about Staff Files Pro at:

HR Software Helps Restaurant Franchisee Manage Human Resource Files

Manna Enterprises in Oxford, Alabama has used Staff Files for the last couple of years to manage their human resource files and documents. They purchased this HR software because it was easy to use and inexpensive. It’s been an invaluable tool in electronically keeping human resource documents organized and easily accessible.

Massachusetts Transportation Company Uses Staff Files HR Software

Deb at F. M. Kuzmeskus, Inc. uses Staff Files to keep track of drivers licenses and safety training for their school bus drivers. Learn more about using this HR software to keep track of licenses and training at

Manage Employees’ Vacation Time and Sick Leave Accruals with HR Software

Staff Files software can automatically accrue time off for vacation time and sick leave. It’s easy to make a manual deduction when an employees takes time off work. Learn more about our HR software at

Keep Complete Personnel Records in Easy HR Software

Staff Files human resources software helps you keep a complete and up-to-date personnel records. It stores wages, benefits, training, disciplinary warnings, and performance reviews. Learn more about our HR software at