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Software Selection Made Easy, Done Right is the most comprehensive and trusted online resource for buyers and vendors of business technology. We make your life easier. And we do it for free.

Buyers – Make the Right Decision

Business software solutions may seem like they’re a dime a dozen. Researching the differences can be a mind-boggling and time-consuming process. As a result, the marketplace is rife with stories of under-budgeted software projects, poor implementations, below-par business performance, and frustrated customers. helps you avoid these issues by connecting you with the right software for your business. Whether you’re in a home office or a multinational enterprise, we help you achieve a successful software project by providing expert advice, in-depth feature articles, user reviews taken directly from the marketplace, best practice recommendations, and more.

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Vendors – Target Your Marketing Efforts

It can be just as hard for software vendors to reach their target audience as it is for customers to determine which vendor best suits their needs. There are hundreds of business software solutions competing for the customer’s attention, and vendors spend a lot of money and effort to differentiate themselves in the market. We help you reach your target audience more effectively by providing qualified prospects at companies of all sizes.

If you’re a software vendor, we are more than happy to discuss the various advertising options we offer to reach your target audience. is owned and operated by Gate58 Marketing, LLC.