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About Defect Tracking Tools

A defect tracking system is a licensed or hosted software application that’s designed to help the quality assurance and application developers in the organization keep track of reported software bugs in their work.

About QA Testing Tools

The right QA testing tool depends on the needs of the business. If they have a complex QA process, they will need a QA tool to match their process.

Tips for Good Defect Tracking

Defect tracking procedures help to create a better end product. What goes into the bug report will have a big impact on the end result.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Introduction to Developers Part 2 of 2

See how developers can use Adobe LiveCycle to create applications.

Defect Tracking and Customer Satisfaction

Defect tracking is ideally a highly interactive process that involves receiving input from end users across a wide audience; and its use can ultimately lead to superior products and a satisfied customer base.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Introduction to Developers Part 1 of 2

Watch this brief video to find out how Adobe LiveCycle can help streamline your application development processes.

Defect Tracking System – Buy or Build?

Defect tracking tools are simple tools that can be built in-house, and so the first decision in defect tracking is whether to buy an existing tool or build your own.

Defect Tracking Tools Deliver Defect Tracking and More

Discover how defect tracking software helps with prioritizaton, categorization, collaboration, feature requests, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Learning the basics of using Adobe ColdFusion.

Top 10 QA Testing Software

Quality assurance (QA) testing software keeps software applications running bug free by enforcing test standards, automating workflows and improving test accuracy. Download the Top 10 Quality Assurance Testing report for our comparison of the top QA testing software solutions.