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Jamie Wodetzki

Founder, Exari Document Assembly and Contract Management Software
Expert in Contract Management Software

Jamie co-founded Exari in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, and was its CEO from 2000 to 2008. He now joins an expanded executive team to grow Exari's US business. Prior to co-founding Exari, Jamie was a Senior Associate with Minter Ellison, a large Australian law firm, where he focused on copyright, technology and the information industries. He has been an adviser to the Supporters of Interoperable Systems in Australia ('97-'07), a Board member of the Australian Digital Alliance ('98-'08), and represented an international NGO at the WIPO Copyright Treaty negotiations ('96).

Apr 28, 2013
Jamie Wodetzki wrote this post:
Self-Service Contracts: The Killer App of Sell-Side Contract Management

The problem with old school “contract management” is that it puts the focus on managing something that already exists.  You’ve got all these contracts.  Manage them.  Keep them somewhere safe.  Pluck out the important data points and make sure you don’t miss any milestones or send invoices for the wrong amount.  But this is all very back office.

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