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Tom Kincaid

VP of Products and Engineering , EnterpriseDB

Tom has nearly 25 years of experience in the Enterprise Software Industry. Prior to EnterpriseDB, he was VP of software development for Oracle's GlassFish and Web Tier products. He integrated Sun's Application Server Product line into Oracle's Fusion middleware offerings. At Sun Microsystems, he was part of the original Java EE architecture and management teams and played a critical role in defining and delivering the Java Platform. Tom is a veteran of the Object Database industry and helped build Object Design's customer service department holding management and senior technical contributor roles. Other positions in Tom's past include Director of Quality Engineering at Red Hat and Director of Software Engineering at Unica.

Aug 1, 2013
Tom Kincaid wrote this post:
The Benefits of Cloud Databases

Cloud computing has been advancing in recent years as a powerful and flexible business computing platform for companies of all sizes, and it is increasingly becoming a platform for the database as well. Companies are seeking to leverage the flexibility of the cloud for their database.

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