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Terri Jones

Government Marketing Manager, Hyland Software
Enterprise Content Management Expert

Wondering what goes into a document management or ECM software deployment in government? Terri Jones, Hyland's government marketing manager, has your answer. In her 10 plus years in both state and local government, she's managed IT departments, implemented ECM strategies and wrote legislation and program policies. If that wasn't enough to prove her IT expertise in government, she has also designed and implemented data systems and websites to manage compliance and funding in excess of $90 million annually. Have a question for her? Contact her at

Sep 8, 2013
Terri Jones wrote this post:
How a Case Management Philosophy Will Save Government

Government faces the proverbial crossroads so often that it is almost not worth using the metaphor. But one advantage of a moment of crisis, like our recent economic downturn and budget woes, is that it leads to wholesale review of how we run the day-to-day business of government.

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