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Molly Fitzgerald

Director of Communications and Marketing , Phase2
Open Source, Content Management, Digital Strategy, Technology, Open Atrium

Phase2’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Molly Fitzgerald, is the driving force behind the ideation, design, and creation of our marketing strategy as a company. She contributes a significant amount of expertise to everything from branding, public relations, and social media to market research, analytics, and lead generation. By defining and and directing creative marketing programs, Molly helps us to strengthen our relationships with our clients and the open source community as a whole.

Passionate about marketing, advertising, and public relations throughout her entire career, Molly is especially well known for her work in crisis management and stakeholder engagement campaigns. She loves helping people to identify, conceptualize, and think of creative ways to produce content that is salient to any given audience. Firmly committed to quality in actions, content, and services for customers and stakeholders alike, Molly is always looking for ways to consistently improve our outreach efforts as a company.

Molly received her B.S. in Communications Studies and Media, Media and Journalism from the University of Minnesota. She is currently based out of Washington, DC and our Alexandria office

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