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Amelia Mango

Strategist and Marketing Manager, SiSense

Amelia is a strategist and marketing manager at SiSense; she writes about big data, predictive analytics, and data visualization. Her tech industry experience includes project management, NoSQL, marketing and communications systems, and log analysis. She is currently teaching herself d3.js in hopes of sharing better data visualization with the world.

Amelia's realtime commentary on tech, macroeconomics, and Bay-area coffee shops is available on Twitter at @ameliamango.

Sep 4, 2012
Amelia Mango wrote this post:
Why Big Data Needs Big Leadership

There isn’t yet a well-established path for people working in data science or related fields. In the past, data analysis was a stepping stone on the way to something bigger — analysts graduated more senior roles and were replaced after two or three years. Data science has since become a discipline unto itself, and we need a better way to keep talented data analysts working in the field in the longer term.

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