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Franklin Rivera

Founder-CEO, cINnected Business Solutions/Viral Visual Marketing
Business Development and Social Media Strategist

Franklin Rivera has had over 20 years of leadership and sales and marketing experience. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Gulf War veteran, Frank is no stranger to leadership and what it takes to be successful. After leaving the military, Frank used his experience and skills to launch a very successful career with 3 major healthcare companies, Novartis, GlaxoSmithkline and most recently, Johnson and Johnson. He has been responsible for the successful launch of several product lines whose sales have always surpassed national benchmarks. Frank also developed an algorithm based off of the Pareto Principle for territory product management that helped propel his colleagues to the top of national sales rankings.

After receiving his MBA, Frank decided to leave corporate America in order to provide small to midcap businesses with the big business direction he had received throughout his career. A strong believer that personal development helps to foster business growth, he started cINnected (kin-nek-ted) Business Solutions in order to provide companies with tailored strategies for growth, focusing on personal development coupled with a strong company vision. His passion and belief that social media would be the new marketing direction, he started Viral Visual Marketing which was a perfect marriage of his professional photography and marketing skills. Viral Visual Marketing is fast becoming a destination for businesses wishing to have a business approach to social media marketing.

Nov 7, 2012
Franklin Rivera wrote this post:
3 Great Mobile Apps for the Savvy Business Person

No doubt, business people rely on their mobile phones every day to keep on track of emails, news, appointments, and to some extent, their mobile networks. I happen to be an Android nut, so I am always looking for applications that can save me time and improve my workflow.

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