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Patrick Strahan

Freelance Writer, Help-Desk-Software
IT Professional and Freelance Blogger

Patrick Strahan is an IT professional and freelance blogger. He currently blogs on topics related to the customer support experience such as issue tracking software and the latest innovations to web based support. When he's not busy blogging or responding to dozens of work orders, Patrick finds time to ski and to write the next great graphic novel.

May 15, 2013
Patrick Strahan wrote this post:
Social Sharing, Consumerization and Your IT Team

With the explosion of social sharing through sites like Facebook and Twitter, countless new opportunities have sprung up that allow IT departments from a variety of industries to supplement, in some cases even eliminate, many of the customer support techniques of the past. Effectively integrating top social media tools with your IT department can be the missing piece that stands between good service and great service.

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