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Laurence Ainsworth

Founder, Exigent Consulting
High Growth Business Specialist and Mentoring for Owner Managed Businesses.

Laurence Ainsworth founded Exigent Consulting in 2002 and since then has performed a number of successful turnaround he has worked with businesses to utilise Social Marketing to drive sales performance, customer loyalty and brand recognition. More recently he has focused on working with High Growth businesses to help them cope with the special conditions of high growth. He is skilled at working with, and getting the most from, owner managers.

Dec 2, 2012
Laurence Ainsworth wrote this post:
Cold Calling or Lead Generation, Aren't We Missing The Vital Point?

Over the last few weeks it seems that the intensity of the debate about using cold calling or digital lead generation has increased to a level of intensity where it is getting a bit absurd.

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