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Miguel Valdés Faura

CEO and Co-Founder, Bonitasoft
Expert in Business Process Management

Miguel Valdés Faura is the CEO and co-founder of BonitaSoft, a France-based company that produces business process management (BPM) software and provides commercial services and support for the open source Bonita project, of which he is also co-founder. BonitaSoft has offices in France, the United States. and China, and recently recorded their 1,000,000th download of Bonita Open Solution. Follow Miguel on Twitter @MiguelValdes

Nov 28, 2012
Miguel Valdés Faura wrote this post:
7 Key Signs Your Recruitment Process is Broken

Due to the immense costs frequently involved in the recruitment process, careful consideration must be given before hiring full-time employees. Human resources expert Richard Galbreath found that the cost to replace a range of employees can be fifty to several hundred percent of an employee’s salary - a daunting number for any company. Below are seven signs to help you determine whether your recruitment process needs attention.

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