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Steven Van Belleghem

Expert in social media, word-of-mouth marketing and digital strategy

Steven is one of Europe's thought leaders in the field of social media, conversations and digital marketing. His entire career, Steven has studied the influence of digital and social media on consumers and organizations. With this knowledge he inspires and facilitates companies to adapt their current way of working towards the new world we live in.

His latest book, The Conversation Company (+10,000 copies sold in 6 months), offers a clear philosophy and roadmap on how to become a true customer centric organization that uses the possibilities of digital media to its full extent. His previous book, The Conversation Manager (+25,000 copies sold), is seen as a reference guide to adapt your communication strategy from a 1-way towards a 2-way conversational approach. In 2010, the book won the Marketing Innovation in Literature award.

Steven can be hired to give motivational keynote speeches (both in-company as conference presentations), strategic workshops, management coaching and to provide strategic advice about social media and conversation management.

Next to his advisory work and being an author, Steven is a part time marketing professor at the Vlerick Business School.
Before starting b-Conversational, Steven was managing partner at InSites Consulting. InSites Consulting is one of the most innovative market research companies in the world. Steven spend 11 years at this company. During these years he helped to grow the company from a 10 people start-up to an international leading company with 120 employees and offices in 5 countries.

Feb 28, 2013
Steven Van Belleghem wrote this post:
Make Your Social Media Channels More Effective in 4 Steps

Many companies struggle to plan their next moves on social media, especially when it comes to the channel and content debate. Here, we share our approach to making effective use of top social media tools to spread content and create a meaningful, multi-channel social media presence.

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