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Victor Shaburov

CEO, Looksery
Experienced executive and project manager in the mobile and software spaces

Victor Shaburov currently serves as the CEO of Looksery, which creates face-tracking and face-modifying technology for real-time video (with enterprise and consumer applications). Prior to Looksery, Shaburov founded Handster, a mobile application store company that was acquired by Opera Software in 2011.

Shaburov attended Saint Petersburg State University in Russia and currently resides in Northern California.

Aug 21, 2014
Victor Shaburov wrote this post:
Would Visual Chat Software Have Helped Comcast Avert Disaster?

By now we’ve all heard the infamous Comcast customer support call that brought major backlash to the brand for its less-than-stellar service rep training procedures. But could the communications company have averted disaster with visual chat software?

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