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Accellos Case Study: Colorbok, Inc.

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Acellos Case Study: Colorbok, Inc.
Accellos One Warehouse fell nicely into our affordability range. It satisfied the 80-20 rule, meaning that it met 80 percent of our requirements out of the box. It was already interfaced to our Microsoft Dynamics GP software, so the implementation process would be limited to incorporating its functionality into our operating methods and procedures.” Accellos One WMS is a scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management software system that streamlines operations and inventory management through the use of automated paper-free processes and radio frequency (RF) communications. With these technologies, it tracks stock into, out of and within warehouses, streamlining and verifying processes with each movement. The overall cost of the warehouse management reengineering project was under $330,000 and calculations for calendar 2009 indicated total savings of nearly $435,000 for a 132.2-percent return on investment in a single year. “This has been a hugely successful undertaking,” Genereaux says, “and it is one that will continue to support profitability for the company for many years to come.”

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