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Customer Service Channel Trends Study

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Customer Service Channel Trends Study

When we first set out to research the state of the customer service market in 2012, we made sure to build a survey we could repeat each year to track changes in the evolving topics of customer service.

We interviewed more than 400 practitioners and asked questions spanning from organizational tactics to results. We followed up with conversations in some cases, and compared and contrasted the data to last year.

This year’s most interesting findings:

  • Social customer service failed as promised; not many are in a rush to implement it right now
  • Communities are still a mystery; we continue to investigate them, trying to find a value proposition
  • Tried-and-proven is good; we are going back to what works best
  • Despite multiple marketing dollars invested in customer experience, omni-channel and similar terms—customer service continues to be a tradition-driven “science”—we don’t adopt new concepts unless they are well explained and tested

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