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Going Mobile: Six Considerations Before You Start

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Going Mobile: Six Considerations Before You Start
In today’s tough business environment, few business owners would question the value of a strong web presence for connecting with their customers. But when it comes to serving mobile users, most websites fail to deliver easy-to-navigate, streamlined information access to the ever-growing number of customers who are browsing and buying with smartphones and tablets—not laptops or desktops.

Some well-known companies are out in front of this trend by building mobile-ready versions of their sites. But countless other companies have yet to adapt. It’s understandable. The activities of any business can quickly fill up the daily calendar, and the task of creating a mobile-ready website might seem more trouble than it’s worth. But companies that ignore the need to make their sites “mobile ready” may well miss out on the next wave of ecommerce. The numbers tell the tale.

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