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How Higher Education Can Use CMS to Drive Enrollment

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Driving Education Enrollment Through Agile Content Management

Your website should be a major driver of enrollment, if your content is doing its job. How do you transform your website into a well-oiled content producing machine and actually measure what’s working?

To attract prospective students, colleges must create a content ecosystem that encourages dialogue and repeat visits. As students become increasingly cost-conscious and outcomes-oriented in their online college search, more colleges will use original content to demonstrate the value of their education, differentiate themselves from the competition, and retain the attention of savvy and determined searchers.

Agile content management is the cornerstone of a successful web content strategy. In its newest report, Percussion Software examines the top three pains faced by higher education content managers and provides insights how a WCM can play more than a supporting role in reaching enrollment targets.

Learn how to overcome:

  • Not Having Enough Data to Demonstrate ROI
  • Not Knowing How to Improve SEO
  • Not Knowing How to Keep Websites From Becoming Outdated


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