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Implementation Tips from the Trenches

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Implementation Tips from the Trenches
Congratulations on the selection of your new ERP software solution! According to Panorama Consulting Services’ 2012 ERP Report, 54 percent of implementations take longer than anticipated and 56 percent cost more than budgeted. While these budget and duration overrun numbers are not an accurate reflection of IQMS’ services, they are still numbers that no one in the ERP industry can be proud of.

The successful and timely implementation of a new ERP solution requires deep analysis of your unique business requirements and objectives. IQMS has experienced that outside, third-party resellers and implementers do not have the ERP customer’s best interests in mind. That is why we deploy dedicated implementation specialists who configure the EnterpriseIQ system to work intricately with your business, including recommending best-use practices so you can take full advantage of the software.

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