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Making the Most of Open Enrollment Season

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Workplace benefits choices can seem confusing to many employees. Employers often experience that confusion firsthand during the organization’s open enrollment period. On top of unfamiliar language, there is a lot of information to process and important decisions to make. Though studies have shown that people tend to prefer more choices, they are less likely to make a decision and ultimately less satisfied with their decision when more choices are offered. With multiple benefits options, some employees may choose to simply do nothing during open enrollment, even when it may be advantageous to make changes to their benefits plans.

Open enrollment can be daunting for HR professionals as well. From increased paperwork to the important and time-consuming task of educating employees regarding their options, open enrollment season can be a challenging time for HR personnel. You shouldn’t dread open enrollment, however. With the right tools and proper communication, open enrollment can be
a manageable experience for everyone involved. First, learn best practices to communicate with your workforce before and during the open enrollment period. Then, find out how using a tool such as Epicor Human Capital Management can make open enrollment easy for both HR and the rest of your workforce.

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