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Solving the Five Pains of Sales Tax Filing and Remittance

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Solving the Five Pains of Sales Tax Filing and Remittance
A marked decrease in sales and use tax income over the past few years, compounded by overall budget shortfalls has caused states to focus on ways to reverse these trends.

To this end, states are changing laws and regulations to broaden the definition of nexus, increasing the number of audits, decreasing exemption qualifications, and removing timely filing discounts, while adding prepayment requirements. As a result, businesses who already have to “do more with less” find that keeping sales and use tax filing and remittance in-house creates challenges such as:

  • Training and staff development needs—Existing staff require frequent updates and training to keep up with the latest changes in rules and regulations for each state and municipality where there is sales tax liability.
  • Lack of quality processes—Audit risk is increased when manual processes are used to file and remit tax liability; oversight becomes difficult when managing numerous tax returns and filing and remittance dates; employee turnover results in lack of consistency in return preparation.
  • Infrastructure investment—Manual processes relying on purchased software or databases can require significant capital investment to maintain while being time and resource intensive, with no guarantee of reliability or accuracy.

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