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The WOW Guide to Self-Service Support

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Welcome to’s WOW Guide Series! At, we’re not just about providing a great customer service app – we’re also about instilling a mindset in all fast-growing companies of how they can provide amazing customer service. Each WOW Guide was written for the sole purpose of sharing best practices from some of our most notable customers as well as provide some of our own proven methods. No watered-down mumbo jumbo. Just straight-forward strategies we feel all fast-growing companies should know in order to provide exceptional customer service.

The purpose of this WOW Guide is to help you and your organization get started with knowledge base content, cut down incoming customer interactions and provide amazing customer service through an engaging online support center.

We hope you walk away with the following insights:

  • If self-service support is right for your company
  • Steps on getting started with knowledge base content and how to keep it fresh and relevant
  • How to drive traffic to your online support center and keep it thriving
  • How to measure the success of a support center and ROI of self-service

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