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Web Conferencing Success Stories

Web conferencing has helped businesses be more successful, whether it means enabling them to reach a global audience, or helping them to reduce their communications and travel expenses. Successes in web conferencing are evident across the entire spectrum of business, from SOHO and small business users, to enterprise users and across every industry from education, to manufacturing and finance. Some of these web conferencing success stories will be highlighted in this article.

Adobe Connect for Web Meetings

Use Adobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing all the way to mission-critical, real-time collaboration.

Adobe Connect for Webinars

Adobe Connect for Webinars helps companies increase attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest through rich and engaging online events.

Online Collaboration and Training for Financial Services

Web conferencing tools have become a strategic asset for financial services firms in capital markets and banking—whether their goals are to improve customer service through high-touch yet low-cost exchanges, reduce operational expenses, or improve compliance and security. The following examples illustrate how online collaboration and eLearning solutions from Adobe are enabling institutions to compete successfully in the highly commoditized and regulated financial services market.

Online Collaboration for Healthcare

In their efforts to improve patient care, reduce costs, and support compliance, many healthcare organizations and hospitals are turning to web conferencing and eLearning solutions. The following examples illustrate how online collaboration and eLearning solutions from Adobe enable healthcare organizations to maximize limited staffing resources, revamp training initiatives, reduce costs, support compliance, and elevate the level of patient care in delivering vital healthcare services.

Online Collaboration for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Competitive and technological changes in the pharmaceutical industry—powerful new drug chemistries, innovative R&D partnerships, and enhanced sales and marketing strategies—are transforming how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies operate.

Adobe Connect Mobile for iOS

In this video, Randah McKinnie walks through the iOS version of Adobe Connect Mobile available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The Connect Guru: Adobe Connect 8

Find out what The Connect Guru has to say about Adobe Connect 8.

Adobe Connect Training #1

Learn how to use Adobe Connect in this training video.

Adobe Connect Review

Review of Adobe Connect for web conferencing, webinars and online meetings.