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Compiere Enterprise Edition

Compiere delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionality on a global-ready platform. Manage any number of organizations, warehouses, languages, currencies, and accounting rules. Utilize role-based Management Dashboards with drilldown capability to effectively monitor and analyze your operations. Pre-built charts and graphs are provided and are easily expanded to meet your specific needs. And, Compiere Enterprise is built to scale -supporting multiple servers, large transaction volumes, hundreds of users and business complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes.

Six Steps to a Successful ERP Implementation

The process of implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is challenging, sending your organization down a long road of beneficial, although sometimes demanding, change.

Lean for ETO Manufacturers: Project-Based Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing fundamentals were founded on the Toyota Production System, or Just In Time Manufacturing, which embraces the concepts of minimal inventories and continuous improvement through the identification and elimination of waste.

Compiere Warehouse Management

Compiere Warehouse Management, a Consona ERP solution, includes comprehensive, integrated functionality that automates inbound, warehousing and outbound operations. Utilizing a first-of-its-kind customizable rules engine, it directs warehouse activities resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.

10 Secrets Every Software Buyer Should Know

In today’s challenging business environment, midsize manufacturers are faced with increasing pressures from both domestic and overseas competition—pressures to reduce costs, improve and maintain quality and decrease lead times.

Action Plan for PCB Fabricators in North America and Europe

There’s no question that the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing market has changed dramatically in recent years. Whereas 30 percent of the world’s production of boards of all types took place in Europe and North America in 2002, by 2007 that market share had declined to 17 percent with the majority of production now coming from China and Japan and with Taiwan, Korea and the rest of Asia increasing production year-over-year.

Litehouse & CDC Ross Enterprise

See how CDC Ross ERP helped Litehouse become more competitive.

Hammond & CDC Ross Enterprise

Hammond Group talks about how CDC ROSS Enterprise has reduced cost and improved customer service in the organization.