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Web Conferencing Success Stories

Web conferencing has helped businesses be more successful, whether it means enabling them to reach a global audience, or helping them to reduce their communications and travel expenses. Successes in web conferencing are evident across the entire spectrum of business, from SOHO and small business users, to enterprise users and across every industry from education, to manufacturing and finance. Some of these web conferencing success stories will be highlighted in this article.

Empowering the Team Process

You already know that web conferencing technology enables business meetings, webinars and online training. But did you know that it’s also a consummate team player? Web conferencing has transformed team process — in many ways, making it better than being there.

Citrix: Instantly Connecting Developers Across the Miles

While nothing beats face-to-face communication, online collaboration tools are gaining popularity for bringing development teams together.

Five Tips for Better Virtual Meetings

This new Harvard Management Update provides five proven strategies for delivering productive virtual meetings. From encouraging participant engagement to alternating time zone scheduling, discover how to energize your virtual meetings.

Leading Virtual Effectiveness – Four Strategies for Effective Communication

Effective communication and remote relationships are the keys to success in the virtual world. Associates, team members, and clients need to have effective remote relationships in order to thrive in today’s continually developing marketplace.

Powering Your Global Professional Service Workforce with Web-Based Meeting and Collaboration Tools

This White Paper identifies some of the insights gained from a recent benchmark survey on how globalization drives the need for Professional Service Organization (PSOs) to rely on collaboration and remote service delivery tools like Citrix® GoToMeeting® Corporate and Citrix® GoToAssist® Corporate.

Instantly Connecting Developers across the Miles

Like a team of star football players, software developers need to keep the communication lines open and work rapidly to move projects toward the goal line. However, the growing reliance on remote programmers means team players are not all on the same playing field, making it much harder to score.

Citrix Unveils GoToMeeting with HDFaces: Integrated HD Video Conferencing

Enables all participants to view up to six high-resolution video conferencing streams.

GoToMeeting with HDFaces TV Commercial

GoToMeeting takes online meetings a big step forward with HDFaces.

GoToMeeting Commercial: Inspiration, Say Hello to Collaboration

The simple, powerful way to meet, collaborate and create online.