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DNN Evoq Social — Ideation

DNN Evoq Social uses crowd-sourced ideas to foster innovative and collaborative product and business models.

DNN Evoq Social — Blogging

With DNN Evoq Social’s blog feature, users can participate in your community and share content on your blog website.

DNN Evoq Social — Community Managers

DNN Evoq Social simplifies and streamlines the community management tool, allowing community managers to address all activity in a single interface.

DNN Evoq Social — Gamification

The Gamification features in DNN Evoq Social allow users to reward interaction with point systems, badges, and various other delineations of special privileges.

Realizing Your Corporate Site Potential through Communities

The Internet is going social. Companies and organizations that continue to rely on one-dimensional static websites are missing out on opportunities to more deeply connect with their customers. If your business isn’t actively focusing on social communities, you are limiting your opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

DotNetNuke Social: One integrated solution for managing website and social success

Every day Internet users share 4 billion items on Facebook, 200 million items on Twitter and 1 billion items on Google+. Social has become a fundamental aspect of Internet life with over 90% of online adults using the social web daily. It has altered the decision path for customers – the way they think, act and buy. If your business isn’t actively focusing on social communities you are missing opportunities for connections, engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Social lets you shift your customer conversations from monologue to dialogue.

DNN Evoq Goes Social

DNN Evoq enables businesses to quickly build internal social networks to improve collaboration, communication and employee productivity.