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Epicor Eclipse Software 11Oct

A quick introduction to Epicor Eclipse Software

Adding Value to Your Distribution Business

A fundamental principal of business operations is distinguishing your company from the competition. Since larger companies often have the advantage of scale, smaller companies must find ways to differentiate themselves to appeal to new customers, retain existing customers, and add new revenue streams. One way distributors can do this is by offering value-added services to their customers.

Is Your ERP Ready for AI?

AI is transforming how business leaders look at enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality, driven by digital disruptors that are leveraging AI across several dimensions to innovate on behalf of customers. But what is it? And how exactly can it help a business grow? This white paper outlines how artificial intelligence will increasingly support and enhance core ERP capabilities for distributors.

Enterprise Software for Distributors – Is There a Perfect Fit?

Implementing or replacing your ERP system is no light matter. It may appear to be a difficult and painful process, but, if executed correctly, it can open business opportunities and make your life easier.

Epicor Success Story: Pittman Supply, Inc

Pittman Supply is a leading supplier of plumbing products to wholesalers, retailers, and contractors throughout the Dallas, Texas area. With two locations and an onsite showroom, the company offers everything from a quality selection of pipe, fittings, tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets to custom, in-house design services.

Epicor Success Story: MORSCO

MORSCO supplies more than 80,000 commercial and residential plumbing, HVAC, and PVF products to approximately 25,000 customers nationwide. Founded in 1917, the company once known as Morrison Supply has morphed into an ever-broadening family of business units operating under the MORSCO banner. Today, this includes seven separate companies consisting of 164 branches in 12 states that generate $1.2 billion in annual sales.

Epicor Eclipse Value Summary

No other ERP provider knows distribution like we do. We are focused on the things that matter to you—from lot billing and EDI to contract pricing and front-counter capabilities. We build our software on industry best practices and 40 years of distribution experience.

Epicor Success Story: Rexel Inc

Rexel Holdings USA, part of the world’s second largest electrical distributor, Rexel Group, initially selected the Epicor Eclipse wholesale distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for its Rexel Inc. business in 2009. Operating on multiple legacy systems after multiple acquisitions, the company was looking to standardize its locations on a single ERP system for greater efficiencies.

Why eCommerce Isn’t Optional for Distributors—It’s Essential

If you’ve ever purchased so much as a printed t-shirt online, you understand eCommerce. Understanding how to make it work for your distribution operation is an entirely different story. The world is shifting from catalogs and cold calls to an era of convenience for the customer, and while eCommerce was once a fringe B2B sales channel for distributors, the convenience it allows is elevating it into the buying method of choice for B2B customers.

Building a Better Tomorrow with ERP

Digitalization is essential to the longevity of your business. It presents significant opportunities to address key operational issues, align products and services to the demands of today’s market, and achieve growth.