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Help Desk Feature Showdown: Comparing 5 Leading Help Desk Software

Comparing help desk software features can help narrow the choices in the software selection process, enabling organizations to find the solution with the capabilities that answer their service requirements. Compare the features of top help desk software products from leading vendors and discover what these solutions have to offer.

Delivering High Value in Service and Support

The value proposition for help desks is changing. Instead of merely tactically responding to the unforeseen needs of IT end-users, the future is all about helping organisations get a better return for their IT and related investments. So where are the differences?

Delivering Value With Automation

IT professionals under pressure to do more with less should take a serious look at automating software management processes. The benefits are not confined to cost control.

Key Tenets in Service Desk Organization Redesign

The growing movement to improve IT service delivery and support has led many companies to rethink the structure and composition of their service desks. When planning such a reorganization, IT management must keep in mind that customers of the support organization do not have technology problems, they have business problems. The technology is merely a tool that these users need to use to accomplish a business task. With this in mind, the result is a set of basic principles that should guide organizational design and planning.

Knowledge Management in the Support Center

When a support professional has access to knowledge, they can quickly assist customers with problems and inquiries. As a result Knowledge Management has become an essential practice
within today’s support centers. Customer service and support software allow companies to manage the interactions with customers and employees. When combined with Knowledge Management, the support center is able to improve efficiencies, increase satisfaction, and reduce the cost of service.

FrontRange HEAT Help Desk Software Demo

Watch a demo of FrontRange HEAT.

HEAT Help Desk Reporting – Automated Reports Delivery

Deliver real-time information to enhance IT support processes and drive decisions.