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Is ERP the Right Software for a Small to Medium Business?

Today, ERP software vendors have tailored their product for SMBs. Better still, there are ERP systems such as Jim2 Business Engine that are designed specifically for SMBs so they can take advantage of ERP for maximum efficiency in conducting business.

How to Run a More Profitable MPS Business

One of the great drivers in terms of the value proposition for selling a Managed Print Services solution to your current customers is to promise to lower their total cost or printing.

How to Run Your SMB Like a Large Enterprise

As your Small to Medium Business (SMB) takes on new staff, implements new processes and expands its operations, it’s important to have a robust business system that supports this kind of growth. If your goal is for your SMB to grow into a large enterprise, start running it like one.

Introduction to Happen Business

Watch this video introduction to Process Automation, Workflow and Accounting Software from Happen Business.

Jim2 eBusiness Connect Demonstration

See how Jim2 eBusiness Connect works seamlessly to provide electronic trading capabilities.