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Marketing Advocate’s “Success in Six” Program: Your Blueprint for High-Performance Channel Success

Introducing Marketing Advocate’s “Success In 6” Program, your blueprint for high-performance channel success!

Lead Nurturing Guide: 7 Rules for Increasing Qualified Leads

Email is at the heart of your online marketing efforts, so it’s important to take the time to make sure that every aspect of your strategy is optimized. In this eBook, Marketing Advocate highlights 7 rules for increasing qualified demand generation with lead nurturing and the advantages that Through-Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) delivers #ForTheChannel.

Vendor Selection Checklist for Through-Partner Marketing Automation Software

If you’re in the market for a proven solution that will optimize your channel marketing operations and have a greater impact on revenue growth, this document is for you. In the downloadable report, Marketing Advocate offers a comprehensive checklist to use when selecting a through-partner marketing automation software vendor.

Marketing Advocate: Bringing a Unique Value Proposition to Through-Partner Marketing Automation Software

In 2005, Marketing Advocate pioneered the through-partner marketing automation (TPMA) industry and has since built on its history of innovation. In this executive brief, Marketing Advocate highlights the unique value proposition of Marketing Advocate’s through-partner marketing automation (TPMA) software and how its comprehensive solution trumps the competition in more ways than one.

Marketing Advocate Customer Success Story: Boston Engineering

Because the PTC portfolio is so rich and diverse, it was becoming difficult for the team at Boston Engineering to keep its growing content up to date on its corporate Web site in order to market effectively. Download the whitepaper to discover how Marketing Advocate allows Boston Engineering to keep its brand top-of-mind with prospects and customers.

Marketing Advocate Customer Success Story: Leveraging Technology Solutions, LLC

Leveraging Technology Solutions LLC believes the best way to meet your business challenge is with solid design sense that builds on your specific framework to support your overarching business strategies. Fill out the form to download the Leveraging Technology Solutions LLC, Marketing Advocate customer case study.

Customized Channel Demand Generation for IBM

Marketing Advocate, the pioneer in Through-Partner Marketing Automation software, provides a proven growth engine for IBM business partners that addresses their top business concerns. By maximizing lead efficiency, generating sales-ready leads, and building pipeline, Marketing Advocate helps global organizations turn channel marketing into a revenue driver.

Marketing Advocate TPMA Software: Turn Channel Marketing Into a Revenue Driver!

Power your sales enablement engine with our through-partner marketing automation solution. Watch the video to see how it works!

5 Signs You Need Through-Partner Marketing Automation

Your business could benefit from Through-Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) software. Successful TPMA software helps to develop quality demand generation, convert prospects, and speed the conversion velocity of leads. This whitepaper outlines five signs that channel marketers and technology solution providers should look for when evaluating whether your organization needs TPMA software.