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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

If you don’t have the right human resources management system (HRMS) solution, HR can quickly become overwhelmed with just the day-to-day tasks—much less delivering insightful business intelligence. Many organizations turn to an HRMS solution to help face the many
challenges, economic pressures, and tactical issues that arise every day. If you are looking to implement an HRMS solution to increase control over employee data, optimize productivity, and take employee engagement to the next level, make sure the solution you choose provides functionality that supports there 5 key issues.

HR Technology Tools: What You May Be Missing

A recent survey by Saratoga discovered that employee compensation, including benefits, accounts for 35% of operating expenses in a typical organization.1 With so many company resources dedicated to maintaining the workforce, it is necessary to identify ways to improve results, increase efficiency, and lower costs. Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) help you find such opportunities and capitalize on them.

HR Software Buyer’s Guide and Checklist

Sage believes expertise unshared is knowledge wasted, so they’ve distilled what they’ve learned from over 12,000 Sage HRMS customers and
created this HR software buyer’s guide with useful information you need to know, including:
• Recent trends in human resources and HR technology.
• Top ten considerations for HRMS.
• A key software capabilities checklist.
• How to evaluate the company behind the product.

Sage wants to make the HR software purchase process as painless as possible and help you find the right HR software solution for your needs, whether that solution is Sage HRMS or another.

ROEI: Return on Employee Investment

Watch Sage explain their Return on Employee Investment™ philosophy.

Sage HRMS – The Solution for a New Era of HR

Introducing Sage HRMS, the solution for a new era of HR.