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Actionspace Review

Product Snapshot

Product Pricing

Prices start at $3.27 per user per month.


Actionspace is available as a web-edition (SaaS) and as native apps for Office 365 and SharePoint.

Customer Focus

The companies and teams of any size which use Office 365 or SharePoint will benefit the most from Actionspace.

About Actionspace

Actionspace Actionspace is a project management software solution that provides executives and team managers with effective tools to track and manage business projects and tasks.

The software comes equipped with personal and corporate productivity tools to help to boost team productivity. Native integration with Office 365, SharePoint and Outlook provides convenient access, keeps all data secured and saves time. Finally, the software uses corporate authentication to access the platform so you don’t have to use new log-ins or passwords.

About Actionspace LLC

Actionspace is an independent software vendor of corporate productivity solution tailored for Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint. The company was founded in 2013.

Actionspace Key Features

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Tools for team managers to organize business projects and track progress
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Templates
  • Personal productivity support
  • Native integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Office 365
  • Full mobile support

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