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This product has reached its end-of-life and is no longer being supported by the vendor.


– Atrium Solutions DocRobot Review

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Product is available as a SaaS solution that requires no additional hardware.

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Atrium Solutions DocRobot

- Atrium Solutions DocRobot Atrium Solutions DocRobot is an enterprise content management software solution designed to migrate high volumes of data. The program works with a number of processes when you are moving content from one CMS to another. For instance, the product will document each action performed on the user’s content, validate all your files, and initiate additional import attempts of files that encountered errors. Additionally, the platform standardizes all content so that the program can integrate with any CMS system. Lastly, you can generate reports that highlight content congestion and software performance.

About the Company
Atrium Solutions is headquartered in Southern California.

Atrium Solutions DocRobot Features

  • Content migration software solution
  • Works with all CMS solutions in order to be able to move content back-and-forth between them
  • Documents all actions within the program
  • Automatically validates all moved files
  • Tracks failed movements and gives you the option of reattempting them
  • Generates reports on system performance

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