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BambooHR HRIS is a SaaS solution and requires no additional hardware for installation.

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BambooHR works with small to medium-sized businesses.

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About BambooHR HRIS

- BambooHR HRIS BambooHR HRIS saves hours of valuable time with automated time off requests and approvals. The product allows you to create your own categories of time off like sick days, bereavement, jury duty and more. It sets accrual policies as well as tracks available and used time off. BambooHR generates reports and consolidates all of employee information from all locations into a single view. It can then access, control, sort, analyze and take action on the data instantly, from either the office, the road or at home. Every user can access what he needs, but only within custom permissions. In addition, BambooHR creates custom user groups with different levels of access.

About BambooHR
BambooHR is a company based out of Provo, UT and specialize in creating the best HR system for companies large and small. The Human Resources Information System is one of the best around and makes companies run smoothly and effectively. It’s far from your average spreadsheet program; it is a fully interactive program that stores all the information in it you would need to. It is a one of a kind system that can change the way you do business in the office. Plus what program tells you when your employees birthdays and other special events are taking place?

BambooHR HRIS Key Features

  • Track time off, training and benefits
  • Create your users groups
  • Integrate with other services like applicant tracking and payroll
  • Generate Reports

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