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– Blackboard Xythos Enterprise Content Management Review

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Cloud-based or desktop

Customer Focus

Blackboard is mainly used by educational institutions, corporations and government agencies.

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About Blackboard Xythos ECM

- Blackboard Xythos Enterprise Content ManagementBlackboard Xythos offers document management and collaboration capabilities with a 2.0 web interface. Blackboard Xythos makes it easier to share content through the web while developing workflows and imaging support for within business.

Founded in 1997, Blackboard is headquartered in Washington D.C. Blackboard Xythos was named one of the Top 100 K12 Products of 2010 by Direct Administration and received the Codie Award for Best Postsecondary Learning Management System in 2012. The company was named a Top Technology Innovator by Information Week in 2010.

Blackboard Xythos ECM Key Features

  • Single sign-on and custom authentication
  • Document capture
  • Scanning integration
  • Portal and portlet development
  • User repository
  • Virus scanning integration
  • File encryption projects

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